ODEQOregon Department of Environmental Quality
ODEQOklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
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CWS, through its persistent work with the ODEQ and EPA, developed a way to meet water quality-based effluent limitations through a watershed-based NPDES permit.
258) ODEQ has reviewed the Tualatin River NPDES permit that it issued to Clean Water Services.
Often, the relationship with the ODEQ has been difficult.
In addition to the rising costs to purchase water, the ODEQ had ordered the city to restore its full water production by spring 1995.
By September 1994, PSG had the majority of Moore's wells back on line, restoring two million gallons of additional water a day and meeting the requirement of the ODEQ order.
Oklahoma coal ash sites are already concerning, and ODEQs proposed takeover of coal ash oversight in our state would only make the current problem worse.
27) The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), ODEQ, or the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation (ODPR) may individually determine the quantity of water necessary to buoy a particular water use, and then request that the Water Resources Commission issue an instream water right for that amount.
Under the limitations imposed on the face of the statute, even if ODEQ determines that a certain quantity of instream water is necessary for pollution abatement, the instream right granted by OWRD will be fulfilled only after all other prior existing rights are satisfied.
In the summer of 1991, a contract was signed between the ODEQ and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health to develop and conduct an anonymous statewide comprehensive BMW survey to ascertain generation rates, management techniques, major areas of concern, and overall disposal practices.
Fees approved by the act generate funds that ODEQ may use for its environmental protection programs.
Other miscellaneous items such as gate valves, boring, locator wire, locator test stations, pipeline markers, flushing hydrants, ODEQ sample testing, pressure testing and flushing are included with the relocation project.
EPA tentatively approved ODEQs plan for authority to administer the revised total coliform rule on Nov.