OEFOperation Enduring Freedom (US government response to September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks)
OEFOperation Enduring Freedom (US DoD)
OEFOffice of Educational Facilities (Florida Department of Education)
OEFOxygen Extraction Fraction
OEFOriginal Electronic Format (document format)
OEFOpen Education Faculty (Turkey)
OEFOxford Economic Forecasting
OEFOperational Experience Feedback (EU)
OEFOpen End Fund
OEFOptimal Extension Fields (elliptic curve cryptosystems)
OEFOregon Entrepreneurs Forum
OEFOrder Entry Format (various organizations)
OEFOrder of Ecumenical Franciscans (religious order)
OEFOlfactory Evoked Magnetic Field
OEFODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) Expeditionary Force (gaming clan)
OEFOjai Education Foundation (Ojai, CA)
OEFOntario Equine Federation (Canada)
OEFOcean Environmental File
OEFOperational Efficiency Factor
OEFOrganization Enhancement Fund
OEFOpen Experimentation Framework
OEFOpen-End Face
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Figures 1A and 1B show the monthly rates for DNBI (blue line) and battle injury (red line) medical evacuations from OEF and OIF-OND, respectively.
In this paper we are interested in the optimal design of the OEF in sense of robust stabilization and chaos suppression in the SL output [3], [8].
These Soldiers then deployed to OEF where they received additional training from 227th Quartermaster Company personnel.
30, 2005, while serving stateside or in other areas outside of OEF or OIF theaters, can now receive the same traumatic injury benefits as those who served in OEF and OIF.
Boots on the Ground reports only personnel in Afghanistan or in Iraq while the Location Report counts deployments of all military personnel tracked as part of OEF and OIF, including primarily personnel providing support in neighboring countries, as well as about 2,000 OEF personnel engaged in counter-terror operations in the Philippines.
While OEF support has always been a priority within the J4, that briefing to the Chairman marked a distinct up-tick in our day-to-day engagement--an increase that continues unabated to this day.
This year, General Samy Negm el Din, the OEF Technical Consultant and member of the Omani delegation, who represented the OEF in the General Assembly of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in Argentina last week, made a forceful case for setting up the committee.
The age old concept that one of the few constants in life is change holds much water in OEF.
resolution directly sanctioning OEF -- the very reason the DPJ says it is against the extension of the MSDF refueling activities.
Although some OIF OEF 05-07 cargo will continue to deploy through the Port of Antwerp as part of the commercial carrier concept of operations, the battalion anticipates that the majority of the projected workload to be reception, staging and onward movement of redeployment cargo.
During those years, she moved into the international arena, serving as president and board chair of the OEF International (formerly the LWV Overseas Education Fund), to empower women in developing countries.
The bottom line for our OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) veterans is that VA has the programs, facilities and expertise to meet their mental health needs when they return home.