OETROfficer Efficiency Training Report (performance evaluation)
OETROffshore Energy Technical Research Association
OETROn Est Tous Responsables (French: We Are All Responsible)
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Models 3-8 show CLR, LLRCL, CLES, IILA, IPTD and OETR as the dependent variables, while the capital adequacy ratios PAE, ETA and ELA are the independent variables.
However, we find an insignificantly inverse association between ETA and OETR at the 5 per cent level.
The decrease in the OETR reflects the combination of the 10-year Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) carry-forward provided in the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 coupled with structural changes to the Company's tax profile which, when fully implemented, should allow the Company to fully utilize its available FTCs and decrease state income taxes.