OEVOrphelins et Enfants Vulnérables (French)
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OEVOtakus en Venezuela
OEVOrszágos Esettanulmány Verseny
OEVObserver Eye View
OEVOil-Emulsion Vaccine
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Atsizvelgiant i siuos veiksnius, OEV sistema ir tuo paciu oro erdves strukturos elementai turetu keistis, sudarydami reikiamas salygas aviacijos sistemos pletrai ir taip patenkindami oro erdves naudotoju poreikius.
Planuojamu pokyciu OEV sistemoje ivertinimas jau ankstyvoje tyrimo fazeje turi didele svarba, nes tai leistu atlikti pirmini galimu tyrimo alternatyvu filtravima (Blom et al.
Tyrimo metu nagrinetas Vilniaus aerodrome esancios OEV sistemos pokytis automatizuotos aerodromo eismo stebejimo ir kontroles sistemoje (toliau tekste --AESKS) tures dideles itakos aerodromo vadavietes teikiamoms oro eismo paslaugoms ir bendrai skrydziu saugai aerodrome.
For as long as it participates in the administration of social and labour matters, OEV will always be ready to assume this cost taking into account the social impact of its decisions," he said.
In a letter to Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou, OEV said it accepted the "take-it-or-leave-it" proposal though it sought to stress that as a matter of principle it could not accept certain provisions: no reduction when there is deflation, and incorporating the allowance on the salaries in effect at the end of this year.
The ideal solution would be for everyone to have access to state (and eventually autonomous) hospitals, according to the OEV suggestion, while those who could afford to can invest in private insurance and buy premium services, either from doctors operating within state hospitals in private practice (and charge for it) or in private hospitals, where the added value will undoubtedly be far superior.
OEV is protecting the interests of some of its members -- insurance companies -- which will lose a sizeable chunk of revenue if all health cover payments went to the state's Organisation of Health Insurance.
OEV director Michalis Antoniou said they had suggested amending the bills to allow people who wanted to keep their private insurance policies for three years after the scheme went on line to ensure everything went smoothly.
The minister of health wishes and hopes that OEV, which did not endorse the current declaration, will eventually join in what has been agreed by all the other social partners and the state," an announcement said.
The actions of the government, the House of Representatives, as well as the Central Bank of Cyprus and their impact on the recovery of the economy will be the main topic of discussion at a conference organised by employers and industrialists federation OEV next Tuesday at the Philoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia.
In a statement, CCB director Nicolas Hadjiyiannis said that "the Co-operative Central Bank, being the largest retail bank and clearly locally focused, today inaugurates a broader collaboration with OEV, as well as its entry to the field of microlending".