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OEWOffice of Economic Warfare
OEWOperational Empty Weight (aviation)
OEWOffensive Electronic Warfare
OEWObjective Elliott Wave
OEWOn Eagles' Wings
OEWOrdnance and Explosive Waste
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The programmer develops his application in C++ using the graphical programming tools OEW provides, and OEW generates the source code automatically with SQL or Microsoft Access design schema information.
Microsoft Visual C++(TM) means productivity through reuse and the fact that OEW can reverse-engineer any standard C++ source code supports our mission," said Don Johnson, Microsoft Visual C++ Product Manager.
A developer can then integrate this existing code with commercial C++ class libraries and add new program functions to build a complete application using the graphical views, tools and programming dialogs that OEW provides.
To support multiple users, OEW has a repository that saves changes made to the code, and alerts the owner the next time they invoke OEW.
For UNIX, OEW is available at $1,495 per node, quantity one.
In each phase of the software development process, OEW provides intuitive, industrial strength tools that dramatically increase productivity and reduce development time.
OEW can import a single file or complete programs including header and source files or those from Commercial Class Libraries such as: STL, Rogue Wave Classes, MFC, OWL, Zinc, StarView, zApp, XVT and many more.
More than 36 million individual OEW items were located, identified and disposed of.
A permanent record identifying the location, type, quantity and status of the OEW found was developed using the Global Positioning System.