OEWGOperational Evaluation Working Group
OEWGOsterreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft
OEWGOpen-Ended Working Group
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Many of these states argued and voted against moving forward on a ban treaty in the OEWG, which fortunately doesn't operate by consensus, so the nuclear-haves and their umbrella allies couldn't block the majority's efforts to bring it to a vote.
Project Ploughshares was present at the OEWG to help to make the case for prompt and concrete progress on abolition, while engaging with all possible stakeholders.
A proposal submitted during the OEWG by a group of non-nuclear-weapons states (Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Zambia) constitutes what is perhaps the boldest and most concrete and ambitious initiative in years.
The OEWG will reconvene--and conclude its mandate--during a three-day session in August, after which a report will be presented to the UN General Assembly.
Aiming to break the stalemate that had characterized the OEWG's recent debates, Kerim identified seven pillars to guide further OEWG discussion:
The OEWG should be guided through a joint venture of the President of the UN General Assembly and the member states;
The OEWG should identify issues ready for negotiation that could be moved to intergovernmental negotiations;
The OEWG should carry out consultations on the modalities for intergovernmental negotiations;
The OEWG has said that it believes that "wider participation in the Council's work would, in turn, lend added credibility and legitimacy to the Security Council's decisions.
These activities will include NGO advocacy during the UN OEWG and First Committee sessions, as well as during regional sessions of states sponsored by the European Union in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia during 2009.
Thus the draft resolution simply maintains the importance of a 'positive outcome' by the OEWG.