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OFCOMOffice of Communications (Office of Telecommunications, OFTEL; British)
OFCOMOffice of Communication (Correction! office of communications)
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Al-Arabiya had previously been heavily sanctioned by Ofcom in relation to a material broadcast in 2016.
It also alleged Ofcom had "made factual errors in assessing the sexual and racial harassment scandals at Fox" and had not explained why it was happy with James Murdoch becoming chief executive of Fox/Sky despite criticising his past conduct.
Ofcom Wales will now be carrying out a procurement process to identify a supplier for monitoring services in Wales in line with Ofcom's internal processes and policies.
Throughout this process, we remain open to BT bridging the gap between its proposal and what is required to address our strong competition concerns," Ofcom said.
Our proposals can form the basis for a fair and sustainable regulatory settlement and we believe they can also enable Ofcom to bring its review to a speedier conclusion.
Ofcom added that the postal operator "could do more" to improve performance at its delivery offices.
The statement added: "In the event that Ofcom's investigation concludes that there is an infringement, Ofcom has the necessary powers to require the Premier League and Premier League clubs to make changes to arrangements for the broadcasting of matches within the time available before the start of the relevant season.
Mr Ward, deputy general secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), said: "What Ofcom is really saying is that postal workers' pay and conditions need to be cut in the name of efficiency.
The Ofcom boss told the committee it could take up to four years to assess whether Cabinet Minister Jeremy Hunt's vision for local television had been a success.
A spokesman for Ofcom said: "After a thorough assessment of the evidence, Ofcom found sufficient steps were taken before, during and after production to protect the welfare of the children that appeared in the programme and that any potentially offensive material was justified by the context in which it was presented.
An Ofcom spokesperson said: "Ofcom recently met with James Wharton MP and one of his constituents to discuss the co-location of TFM.