OFCSOnline Film Critics Society
OFCSOval Fin Contact Structure
OFCSOptical Fiber Communication System
OFCSOperational Field Catering System (UK)
OFCSOrganic Farming Conversion Scheme (various locations)
OFCSOffice of Family and Children's Services (New York)
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Like data on bank lending, results of the OFCS will show which sectors of the economy are getting the most cash, and the types of currency that borrowers demand.
Jennifer Connelly, "A Beautiful Mind": AFI, BFCA, OFCS, GG, GS
Steve Buscemi, "Ghost World": NSFC, OFCS, NYFCC, LVFCS
The OFCS membership consists of writers from the U.
The annual OFCS Awards, announced after the new year, are widely regarded as a prime barometer in determining which individuals and films are top contenders for the Academy Award nominations.
LVFCS (Las Vegas Film Critics Society), NBR (National Board of Review), NSFC (National Society of Film Critics), NYFCC (New York Film Critics Circle), OFCS (Online Film Critics Society), Toronto (Toronto Film Critics Assn.
With a reminder list of more than 400 potential villains to choose from, the OFCS invited its critics to consider some of the most wonderfully charismatic examples of celluloid evil.
The OFCS Governing Committee consists of Chicago-based Erik Childress of eFilmCritic.
Founded in 1997, the OFCS consists of 89 members worldwide.
The OFCS is used by the Armed Forces to provide meals and refreshments for deployed personnel serving in the field who have limited access to permanent catering facilities.
The OFCS was introduced into service in 2004 under Contract with Kaercher and satisfies field catering requirements on a global basis.
The OFCS System Solution encompasses 40 Man Catering Modules, Burner Units and Transit Cases, Slave Start Distribution Boxes, Power Supply Assemblies (PSA), Water Boilers, Ovens and associated storage racking and serving solution.