OFDIOutward Foreign Direct Investment
OFDIOral-Facial-Digital Type I (genetics)
OFDIOffice of Foreign Direct Investment (US Department of Commerce; now defunct)
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Generally, exchange control regulations affect OFDI from African countries through their impact on the volumes/total amount of funds that may be transferred outside of a given state or REC, the time frames for transactions to be approved, the repatriation of profits, exchange rates, and re-investments in host countries.
The main goal of the paper is to examine whether the "euro effect" can be detected in OFDI of OECD countries.
The opening up of the Eastern European markets has accelerated the growth of Austrian OFDI to such a degree that Austria was among the 20 largest foreign investors globally in 2008 (Bellak & Mayer, 2010).
As for the dynamic composition and existence effect of OFDI technology spillover, authors verified the reverse OFDI composition sourcing from import made up the source of OFDI reverse-fostering technical advance in home country, through the regression of international R&D capital (Coe, D.
Additionally, questions can be raised about the quality of certain parts of Russian OFDI.
None of these studies have, however, covered sectoral OFDI beyond the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).
In the same vein, the present paper unveils a number of significant differences between OFDI strategies conducted by MNCs from different BRICs, beyond some marked similarities.
As local small firms are also more likely not to be engaged in export or OFDI activities at this point in time, Asean should step up measures to facilitate their internationalization by addressing their financial constraints, enhancing their understanding of overseas markets and improving their capabilities.
We analyzed the Brazilian government's role in promoting and securing OFDI during DCMCs' first time as global players, a role that can be compared to American, European and Japanese governments during the first and second wave of internationalization.
As a consequence, this indication has raised an interesting empirical question pertaining to the effects of OFDI on home country trade.
OFDI images are taken throughout the capsule's transit down and up the esophagus.
3) Stage 3: the rate of growth of outward FDI (OFDI) starts to decline and is eventually surpassed by OFDI, NOI starts to increase despite remaining negative.