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OFDMOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFDMOptical Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFDMOperational Flight Data Monitoring (aviation)
OFDMOffice of Forms and Document Management (Oregon)
OFDMOffene Fragen Der Mobilkommunikation (German: Open Questions in Mobile Communications)
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The proposed Dual Polarization Optical OFDM (DP-O-OFDM) system block diagram is shown in figure (2) which consists of the O-OFDM transmitter, which comprises of the BER test set to generate the data bits and performs direct error counting, a serial to parallel converter which converts the input bit sequence into two outputs sequences and then encodes the binary data using two parallel 16 QAM encoders, an OFDM modulation block is located in this place to generate an OFDM signal.
It covers nearly all the pros of conventional OFDM system such as robustness against multipath fading, bandwidth efficiency and gives improved performance regarding typical OFDM drawbacks such PAPR, carrier frequency offset and synchronization errors [6,8,11].
The clipping-based method of the OFDM-OQAM system was discussed in [19], simulation results show that the algorithm designed for the OFDM system can be fully applied to the OFDM-OQAM system with similar performance in the synchronized case.
In recent years ZTE has focused on real-time high bit-rate optical OFDM signal transmission research with the aim of both solving technical challenges and developing applications of the technology.
One of the early steps in a design flow for a custom OFDM SDR application is to create and analyze the custom or proprietary signals in simulation to design the radio.
Before presenting the simulation results, first the parameters of simulated Layered MIMO OFDM system is described.
The implementation of OFDM is an important milestone for our company," stated Mr.
We are pleased with the support that OFDM is getting with the global standards bodies," said Nico van Waes of Nokia Wireless Routers and chair of the Fixed Wireless Access working group of the OFDM Forum.
flash-OFDM refers to fast-hopped OFDM, and is a wide-band spread-spectrum technology.
The OFDM Forum will also promote the global harmonisation of spectrum allocation and implement a single compatible global OFDM standard for the delivery of cost effective devices on all wireless networks and in related industries.
Gives applications of OFDM to free-space communications, optical access networks, and metro and log haul transports show optical OFDM can be implemented
After this OFDM symbols are generated by modulating on128 subcarriers, by applying the IFFT ; Cyclic Prefix is added at the output of parallel to serial block.