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OFETOrganic Field-Effect Transistor
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21 Microscopic and Spectroscopic Characterisation of Interfaces and Dielectric Layers for OFET Devices
These OFETs don't have the same performance characteristics as silicon, but they're good enough for ultra-low-power mobile and wearable computing.
com/research/tfqfj5/otfts_ofets_and_o) has announced the addition of the "OTFTs, OFETs and Organic Memory Markets - 2012" report to their offering.
The performance of the new materials as n-type semiconductors in OFETs, light harvesting and electron acceptors in OPVs and dopants/emitters in OLEDs will be evaluated.
When combining two ofets to higher density, bandwidth and QoS levels, Cisco 4000 and Cisco 4000-M customers can take advantage of these new modules and software features by trading in exi 4700-M's under the Cisco Technology Migration Ps are critical for both enterprise intra- and extranets as well as for the differentiated services that service providers plan to offer on their internets.