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OFETOrganic Field-Effect Transistor
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Borylated tetracenes were useful building blocks for [pi]-conjugated tetracenes for OFET application.
21 Microscopic and Spectroscopic Characterisation of Interfaces and Dielectric Layers for OFET Devices
Nicolas et al have recently shown that nitrile and triisopropylsilylethynyl (TIPS) substituted TPDOs are air stable, soluble and exhibit n-type properties in OFETs [14].
Further development is also required in other kinds of light-receiving OFETs before they can be used in all-plastic computing devices.
These OFETs don't have the same performance characteristics as silicon, but they're good enough for ultra-low-power mobile and wearable computing.
com/research/tfqfj5/otfts_ofets_and_o) has announced the addition of the "OTFTs, OFETs and Organic Memory Markets - 2012" report to their offering.
The performance of the new materials as n-type semiconductors in OFETs, light harvesting and electron acceptors in OPVs and dopants/emitters in OLEDs will be evaluated.