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OFFOnly for Fun
OFFOut for Fame
OFFOn For Flight
OFFOur Famous Family (Simpsons)
OFFOnly From Farlex
OFFOffensive Rebound (basketball)
OFFOffutt AFB, NE (Airport Code)
OFFObject File Format (computing)
OFFOrganic Food Federation
OFFOur Favorite Family (The Simpsons)
OFFOperating Funds Flow
OFFOracle Federal Financials
OFFOriental Fruit Fly
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In an office suite, it's a little more difficult, because you can't turn off your fax machines,'' said Beverly Berman, a property manager with the commercial real estate company Silagi Development and Management in Thousand Oaks.
First off, what kind of gas mileage does this mighty vehicle get?
And if being off a week was working for some people, then being off two days should work for even more people.
Over the past several years, significant technical strides have been made on the technical front in the area of batch off processing equipment.
This second category of intentional leaks arises because these appliances remain in a standby mode when switched off.
The player who kicks off must understand that his job, with the help of his teammates, is to make the opposing team start play as far away from their goal line as possible.
Llanrwst reached 239-6 declared off 50 overs, Duncan Midgeley, 82, and Dave Catherall, 55, putting on 122 for the second wicket as Dewi Redvers-Jones took 2-55 off 13 overs and his brother Huw 2-33 off nine.
By definition, the unilateral intentions, actions, analyses, or objectives of one party to a transaction to effect a transfer of control after a spin off should rarely if ever meet the threshold of a prohibited "plan.
Under the regulations, a taxpayer is deemed to have charged off a modified debt if: (1) the debt was significantly modified during the tax year and the modification resulted in gain recognition by the taxpayer under Regs.