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OFFAOrthopedic Foundation for Animals
OFFAOffice for Fair Access (UK)
OFFAOffice of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (Canada)
OFFAOrganic Food for All (blog)
OFFAOne Firmware for All (software and software porting group)
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The CofE is now considering the re-opening of Offa House as a retreat, a partnership with an aligned organisation, or the sale of the long-term lease of the property.
Welease Bwian can shrug offa 4lb rise in the Play scoop6soccer This saturday handicap at chelmsford.
That victory came offa perch of 85 but the handicapper was perhaps a bit over zealous in hiking him back to 91 after that win and Pearl acclaim has struggled again a bit since then.
That is a pity, for Offa was a ruler who had an acute awareness of the world around him and who engaged not only in war but also in diplomacy.
Universities planning to share more than pounds 6,000 had to submit access agreements to OFFA, stating how they planned to support students and ensure those from poorer backgrounds were not priced out.
Offa was yesterday reunited with handler Mark Phillips.
THE atmosphere of tension and pandemonium was reported among residents of Offa and Ijagbo towns in the Offa and Oyun local government areas of Kwara state on Wednesday as the people engaged in violence over land matters.
Roberts, 38, of Bryn Offa, Wrexham, appeared at Mold Crown Court yesterday via a live television link from Altcourse Prison.
A letter to residents on July 1 revealed that Offa House in Offchurch will no longer become a safe haven for refugees fleeing conflict.
Teithiodd Gareth ar hyd llwybr Clawdd Offa gan ymweld a threfi o'r gogledd i'r de ar gyfer y gyfres sy'n dechrau nos Wener.
It was really encouraging that OFFA recognised the Students into Schools programme in their report where current students work in schools across the region for academic credit.