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OFFAOffice of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (Canada)
OFFAOrganic Food for All (blog)
OFFAOne Firmware for All (software and software porting group)
OFFAOffice for Fair Access (UK)
OFFAOrthopedic Foundation for Animals
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A small team is developing the long-term vision for Offa House, and an alternative use during an interim period is also being considered.
Importantly, Offa carried the name of a legendary warrior.
In light of the new proposals, a dozen institutions have approached Offa expressing an interest in submitting new agreements based on lower fees.
The OFFA report shows Newcastle University was top in the whole of the UK for investing tuition fee money in additional outreach programmes.
Offa was yesterday reunited with handler Mark Phillips.
It is believed Offa, the powerful king of Mercia and overlord of the greater part of England, built a great dyke in the last quarter of the 8th century, to mark out the western boundary of his kingdom and to control incursions from Wales.
Winners from Bodnant Community Infants and Juniors, Ysgol Clawdd Offa, Ysgol Melyd, Ysgol Penmorfa and Ysgol Y Llys, along with family members and teachers, arrived at the venue in limousines, courtesy of Mr Sean Jones of Tegid O Jones, part of the Co-operative Group, who sponsored the competition.
In total, 24 universities in England plus one further education college have had plans to lower fee levels approved by the OFFA.
So too were King Aethelbald (716-57) and then King Offa (757-96), the most powerful Anglo-Saxon king before Alfred the Great of Wessex.
She is also banned from approaching John Offa or entering 10 Station Road, Shipston; approaching Phyllis Lyne or being within 100 yards of 40 Campden Road, Shipston.