OFFPOil For Food Programme
OFFPOvarian Follicular Fluid Peptide (bioscience)
OFFPOperating Fund Financing Program (HUD)
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The Memorandum of Understanding (17) that laid out the mechanics of the OFFP established an elaborate observation mechanism, involving hundreds of UN employees, who monitored everything from supply stocks in warehouses to spot checks at thousands of food distribution points.
If Saddam Hussein's government was able to skim funds from the OFFP, it was not because of a lack of oversight or accountability.
Our negotiation of the 1998 OFFP contract with the UN.
No Standard Operating Procedures existed when we assumed responsibility, although procedures unique to the OFFP were demanded of us.
The Iraqi Interim Government is confident it has the capabilities to ensure timely authentication of these same goods as they enter Iraq under the OFFP and we commend them for their decision.
Innospec inflated its prices in contracts approved by the OFFP to cover the cost of the kickbacks.
JofA: What can our readers learn from the OFFP investigation as it pertains to the global state of fraud and corruption?
For the Republicans, the OFFP accusations came at a critical time.
In the wake of the first Gulf War in 1991, the OFFP was established to allow Iraq to sell limited quantities of oil in return for food, medicines and other humanitarian aid for the benefit of the Iraqi people who were at the time feeling the effects of internationally-imposed sanctions.
The OFFP scandal was undoubtedly overblown and specifically linked to American domestic politics.