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OFGASOffice of Gas Supply (UK)
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Yesterday British Gas deputy chairman Philip Rogerson said half of them would go under the "ill-conceived" Ofgas plan.
Yesterday Ofgas and British Gas refused to comment but one City analyst said: "The fat-cats will be scared stiff by any cuts.
However, British Gas took a step toward cost-reflective pricing, which Ofgas (Office of Gas Supply) permitted, when in November 1994 it gave discounts to customers who paid by direct debit rather than quarterly in arrears.
The regulator, a successor to Ofgas, said the utility giants were free to increase prices on PromptPay, LatePay or Pre-Payment tariffs from next April.
Following the creation of Government regulators such as Ofgas and Ofwat, gambling industry figures anticipate the arrival of "Ofbet".
Marketing firm Utilities Ltd was barred by gas regulators Ofgas from continuing its activities as a direct result of our findings.
Ofgem - the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets - will replace the former separate gas and electricity regulators Ofgas and Offer, energy minister John Battle announced yesterday.
He can call an election whenever he likes and appoint judges, bishops and the boss of OFWAT, OFGAS and the Tote.
OFGAS, the industry regulator, has issued stern warnings that new suppliers who use high pressure sales techniques to win business could lose their licences.
They head offices which have become well-known by their abbreviations: Oftel (the Office of Telecommunications), Ofgas (the Office of Gas Supply), Offer (the Office of Electricity Regulation)' Ofwat (the Office of Water Services).
There was also a lengthy debate about the structure of transport charges, and in particular the division of charges between using the system at peak, and a commodity-related carriage charge (British Gas and Ofgas, 1993).
Whether privatised status has allowed the regulator at OFGAS to be more severe than an old fashioned Minister of Power, or National Board for Prices and Incomes, is hard to judge.