OFROffice of Financial Regulation (various locations)
OFROffice of Financial Research (US Department of the Treasury)
OFROpen File Report (various organizations)
OFROrganic Free Range (poultry and eggs)
OFROberfranken (German)
OFROperation First Response (Virginia)
OFROld French (linguistics)
OFROperating and Financial Review
OFROffice of the Federal Register (US NARA)
OFROfficer of the Federal Republic (Nigeria)
OFROff Ramp
OFROliebranchens FællesRepræsentation
OFROriginal Floyd-Rose (electric guitar)
OFROptics for Research
OFROberfähnrich (German)
OFROpen Flexible Router
OFROverdue Problem Report Fix Responsiveness (TL 9000)
OFROptical First Routing
OFROut for Repair
OFROpen File Review (insurance)
OFROld Fart Riders (Hanson, MA)
OFROfficer Fitness Report
OFROur Friends Records (UK)
OFROpen Fire Regulations
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As CBO explains, the OFR is authorized to levy assessments, which are recorded in the budget as revenues, on certain financial institutions to offset its operating costs.
The OFR paper noted that a letter of credit (LOC) may help a captive reinsurer meet its liabilities to a ceding insurer, but that LOCs can also result in maturity mismatches because the term of the letter of credit may be shorter than the term of the insurer's liabilities to policyholders.
Analyzing the public parts of the wills, the OFR found that banks generally have not "simplified their organizations to make themselves easier to resolve" and that the interconnections between subsidiaries of the banks are "likely to present greater challenges to orderly resolution.
The Estate and Trust Tax Committee of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar drafted the act and the glitch bill to exclude existing FTCs operating under OFR exemption letters from compliance with the act.
On the other hand: How can the OFR and FSOC hold a meaningful conference on systemic risk without talking at excruciating length about the current low-interest-rate environment?
OFR regulations are designed to ensure that incorporation by
Breakspear replaces Linda Charity, a veteran banking regulator who has been working as interim commissioner after former OFR Commissioner Tom Grady resigned in March, according to media reports.
chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, asked that the FSOC and the OFR "operate transparently and efficiently, without imposing an undue burden on the nation's financial system.
BC recension of Andronicus, that of Ptolemy, makes no reference to OFR but does cite HA as containing 10 books.
OFR is being introduced to bring in flexibility in regulation, required to enable regulators approved by the Legal Services Board (LSB) to be ready to regulate the legal services activities provided by ABSs.
CIMA joined with many in expressing disappointment at the move and we have since promoted the principles of the voluntary code that replaced the mandatory OFR via both our Report Leadership work (www.