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OFTPOntario Federation of Teaching Parents
OFTPObstructive Fibrinous Tracheal Pseudomembrane (respiratory care)
OFTPOffline Transaction Processing
OFTPOdette File Transfer Protocol
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The Covast OFTP Adapter, the most recent addition to the company's suite of IBM WebSphere integration products, complements the protocol support provided natively by WebSphere by adding seamless OFTP capability to the product.
The Covast OFTP Adapter is already being used by several large European automotive companies for mission critical applications.
Enterprises using OFTP can now use IBM WebSphere for comprehensive enterprise integration.
Enterprise-wide integration that includes OFTP messaging impacts the bottom line.
Augmenting the list of protocols supported by WPG with Covast's OFTP offering will allow a new set of customers to consolidate their fragmented, multiple B2B gateway environment into a single unified B2B partner management solution," said Art Ambrose, IBM Worldwide Sales Executive, B2B.
OFTP supports end-to-end acknowledgments, binding of EDIFACT messages and runs on top of X.
Providentially, CHSA-O became aware that OCHEC, OFTP, and HSLDA again, were involved in discussions with MOE as to how to best implement the above points based on the previous 'successful practices' document.
23, 2002, we participated in the final conference call with OCHEC, OFTP, HSLDA, MOE, and the Minister's Office, at which a package proposal was presented calling for an annual notification letter from parents who decide to homeschool their children, and allowing for board intervention if there was compelling reason for it.
Connect:Enterprise supports a broad range of protocols including FTP, Secure FTP, HTTP/S, EDIINT AS2, Bisynch, Asynch, and OFTP.
Customers will now be able to use Praxis' OmniEnterprise family of data sharing products in conjunction with Tactica's Caprera Programmable OFTP server software to move information across heterogeneous enterprise database servers and mobile locations.
Tactica's Caprera Programmable OFTP server software facilitates application integration across heterogeneous database and network environments, including mobile locations.
The combination of OFTP technology with Praxis' leading enterprise data sharing technology provides a powerful solution for enterprise data access from virtually anywhere.