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OGDOld Grand-Dad (bourbon whiskey)
OGDOperator Groep Delft (Dutch: Delft Operator Group; Delft, Netherlands)
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OGDOsteoglophonic Dysplasia
OGDOsteoglophonic Dwarfism
OGDOrganización de Gestión de Destino (Bolivia)
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OGDOld Granulomatous Disease
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After OGD, cells were adjusted to 2 x 104/mL, plated in 96-well plates, and cultured for another 0, 24 or 72 h, and collected for 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-dephenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay using MTT Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Assay Kit (Beyotime, Shanghai, China) according to the manuals.
Gas and LNG: More than 10,000 L&T valves are in operation at some of the largest gas processing and treating facilities in the region such as Gasco Shah Gas, OGD III, Habshan Gas Development Project and Ruwais NGL.
Briefly, H9c2 cells were exposed to OGD condition for 8 h and treated with formononetin (5 to 30 [micro]M) under reoxygenation condition for another 20 min.
In order to prove whether astaxanthin plays a protective role in normal oxygen and OGD through the signaling in HBMECs, the protein expressions were assessed which were related with Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling pathway.
Datasets contributed to the OGD Platform will be in a particular format.
The OGD observations were adjusted by subtracting the expected OGD based on polynomial expression for stage,
OGD endoscopy is of course the first line investigation in any patient presenting with haematemesis, but in this case was unhelpful because there was no blood discharging from the Ampulla of Vater at the time of investigation.
OLISTOP OGD is a dispersing agent specially adjusted to oligomers.
Under a pilot program, OGD has received over 50 QbR submissions from more than 20 sponsors.
OGD was not aware of the continuing problems with funding priorities and funding levels in the CFDA that we had identified until we brought them to its attention during our review.
El OGD es una asociacion civil, conforme a 'la legislacion francesa, es decir, una organizacion no gubernamental (ONG); por lo tanto, no es una instancia de la Union Europea, ni de ningun otra institucion oficial internacional o nacional, mientras que el NDIC, como bien lo subraya Proceso, es una agencia del Poder Ejecutivo federal de Estados Unidos.
Within each group, there was no significant difference in oxygen saturation after sedation, during intubation, during OGD, or at extubation as compared with baseline oxygen saturation.