OHATOral Health Assessment Tool (various locations)
OHATOral Health Action Team (UK)
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In line with OHAT recommendations, studies conducted with rats or mice were considered relevant for humans and were not downgraded on this specific aspect of indirectness (i.
Because of the demonstrated usefulness of SR and its expanding applications in the field of environmental health, ATSDR's Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences recently entered into a collaborative project with NTP OHAT to implement SR for updating and evaluating the scientific literature used to develop ATSDR Toxicological Profiles and Addenda.
In conclusion, collaboration between NTP OHAT and ATSDR will provide both programs with the experience needed to continue to translate SR methods into the field of environmental health, a process that will inevitably include steps of methods development and refinement.
OHAT (Office of Health Assessment and Translation).
OHAT Risk of Bias Rating Tool for Human and Animal Studies.
As specified in the OHAT protocol (National Toxicology Program 2013; Rooney et al.
Thayer's group is leading efforts to incorporate systematic review methodology into OHAT evaluations.
OHAT Implementation of Systematic Review [website].
OHAT took the lead in investigating how systematic review methodology might be used by the NTP.