OHCPOffice of Housing and Community Partnerships (Ohio)
OHCPOral Health Care Practitioner
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This is lower than seen in studies with other health care providers, which is of concern given that 60 to 77% of IPV injuries are to the head and neck area and OHCPs acknowledge a role in reducing the prevalence of IPV.
The areas where OHCPs feel most prepared to manage IPV was documenting it in patient charts and requirements for legal reporting, which is consistent with research found in other health care professions.
23,25,26,30) IPV research has found less than 50% of health care providers and OHCPs refer patients to social services when IPV is suspected, and this study found 28% refer to IPV hotlines, battered women's shelters, and other local and national domestic violence resources.
The strengths of this cross-sectional survey included the use of a validated questionnaire to explore the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of OHCPs in relationship to intimate partner violence with a national sample of OHCPs.
OHCPs who do not let embarrassment or discomfort be a barrier in professionally addressing the issue have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in managing the "silent epidemic" of IPV.
5) The OHCP would rearrange costs and benefits somewhat without bringing overall improvement.
Yet, even after the Supreme Court clearly signaled that it was having second thoughts about the appropriateness of using the commerce clause to support a laundry list of legislation, OHCP employs boilerplate language linking it to the same clause used to justify federal authority to build the Panama Canal.
This should arouse concern, not just about OHCP, not just about the commerce clause, not just about federal power, but about the Supreme Court's role in establishing both state and national policy.
Because the OHCP is no threat to entrenched elites, it doesn't matter so much to the status quo what the court decides.
A good place to keep up on the already long history of state stances on OHCP is ballotpedia.