OHPROregon Health Policy and Research
OHPROnline Historical Population Reports (University of Essex; UK)
OHPROffice for Oregon Health Policy Research
OHPROffice of Health Promotion Research (University of Vermont)
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Our work in this paper is an extension of our earlier work [35] appeared in IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication (ISCC2014), where we increase a recovery path selection algorithm called OHPR and the corresponding simulation results and concrete analysis.
OHPR employs one-hop source routing to reactively recover from path failures, which is similar to scalable one-hop source routing (SOSR) [26].
OHPR is a reactive restoration method based on the one-hop source routing, which is the supplement of SR-KMST algorithm.
The key to the OHPR algorithm is to find out an optimal intermediary node [R.
From Algorithm 2 above, we can obtain that the computational complexity of OHPR is O(|[V.