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OHPSOld Hastings Preservation Society (East Sussex, UK)
OHPSOpelika Historic Preservation Society (Opelika, AL)
OHPSORT (Organizing for Educational Resources and Training) Health Plus Scheme (Philippines)
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There are various parameters which affect the performance of closed loop OHP directly or indirectly, among there parameters are:
it is the main parameter which essentially define OHP.
We prefer the results that use OHPs as a control group because it is a much larger group than dentists--as shown in Table 4 there are 3,210 more individuals in this larger control group.
This implies that caps on noneconomic damages do not have an impact on the moves across states of dentists and OHPs.
OHPs might well reflect on the following four difficult ethical questions:
They can also be utilised in the training of new generations of OHPs.
Maths teacher Cathie Birch said: "We chose OHP calculators because it is very difficult to hold the calculator and explain in sign language at the same time.
It is much easier to look at the OHP as it's very visual.
As with film, videos, OHPs and Power Point, it spread into areas where it mattered and also into areas where it didn't.
Like videos, OHPs and Powerpoint - the contemporary obsession - it was its own justification.
At Llantrisant it manufactures and assembles all the components used in its OHPs with the exception of the optical and electrical elements.
With other European-based OHP manufacturers moving their operations to the Far East Mr Clarke is adamant that Acco has no intention of joining them.