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OHROffice of Human Resources
OHROffice of the High Representative (in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
OHROhio House of Representatives
OHROptimal Hedge Ratio (investing)
OHROak Hills Research (Aurora, CO)
OHROrder Handling Rules (stock trading)
OHROracle Human Resources (software)
OHROld Homes Restored (show)
OHROffice of Health Research
OHROperational Hazard Reports
OHROptical Handwriting Recognition
OHROrchestre d'Harmonie du Rhone
OHROffice for Human Rights (various locations)
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The report provides brief overview of Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc.
It is attached to the cup in an inelegant manner as if Ohr thought to intuitively 'stick it' to the cup.
The static OLS OHR is given by the following regression:
Through the deal, Ohr will gain access to a proprietary, patent protected, sustained release technology platform being developed and a portfolio of pre-clinical sustained release drug product candidates for glaucoma, retinal disease and other ophthalmic indications, as well as a robust team of research and development professionals and a modern research laboratory located in San Diego, the buyer said.
Increased workloads and patient ratios, together with a fall in the average number of hours worked by nurses per week, is further contributing to this crisis (Holland et al 2012; Ohr et al 2009).
Silajdzic supports the continuance of the OHR and the military mission EUFOR, ideally but unrealistically until final EU and Nato membership.
Funding for the $3 million construction project came from Ohr Hamizrach congregants and members of the Iranian-Jewish community in the United States.
At the most, the Bosnia institutions could make very minor alterations to OHR pre-prepared packages or attempt to delay their implementation.
Likewise, for readers of the OHR I focused on his treatment of Allan Nevins as founder of Columbia University's Oral History Research Office, because Nevins figures importantly in our professional lives as oral historians.
MK Uri Ariel (National Union) toured the Negev on Sunday with Ohr Mesimot representatives, and promised to help them procure government funding for their settlement activities.
Our empirical results show that the tick-size reduction has no impact on the spread of NASDAQ issues that were not subject to the new OHR, but has a significant effect on the spread of NASDAQ issues that were subject to the OHR.
In addition, OHR provides training for occupational healthcare providers and acts as an application service provider for the Ohio Employee Health Partnership, a managed care organization serving 8,400 employers.