OHRAOpen Hypermedia Reference Architecture
OHRAOffice of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (Iraq)
OHRAOntario Health Research Alliance (Canada)
OHRAOlde Hanwell Residents Association (UK)
OHRAOntario Health Record Association (now Ontario Health Information Management Association; Canada)
OHRAOzarks Hunting Retriever Association (Arkansas)
OHRAOccupational Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire
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org/oralhealth, two free online trainings, the OHRA 1-Hour Training and the Protecting All Children's Teeth Curriculum (PACT).
The OHRA had no "coherent postwar plan" for Iraq, writes Packer (who supported the war), because "the people in Washington who mattered never intended to stay in Iraq.
government entity; (3) suggest that it was enacted under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483; (4) refer to it, and OHRA, as "civilian groups .
Firms such as OHRA, Legal & General, Norwich Union and Prime Health are among those offering low-cost budget plans.
AWRITE to OHRA House, 17, East Links, Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Hants SO5 3TG.
In association with Pathology Management Company OHRA policyholders can have a health screens, from simple cholesterol through to full medical check-ups for up to half price.
In the Netherlands it is present under the brand names Delta Lloyd, OHRA and ABN AMRO Insurance, while in Belgium it operates as Delta Lloyd.
He said: "If a resident with a house with a market value of pounds 45,000 wanted to purchase a property for pounds 80,000 I believe the funding figures will be - Purchase price of new home pounds 80,000, existing house price pounds 45000, home loss contribution pounds 4,500, OHRAS payment pounds 15,000 leaving a shortfall of pounds 15,500 which would need to be found by the home-owner.