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OHREOffice of Human Radiation Experiments (US Department of Energy)
OHREOffice of Human Research Ethics (University of North Carolina)
OHREOffice of Human Resources and Education (US NASA)
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Because OHRE scans in the files' text, on-line users can search any of the documents by typing in key words.
The contract is the implementation of technical and safety supervision of water works in PovodE[degrees] Ohre, state enterprise in the years 2016 to 2018.
DARREN CORBETT will be out to impress when he faces late replacement Konstantin Ohre at the Ulster Hall tonight.
Burbank's first possession nearly resulted in a score when Chris Antaplyan broke into the Hart defensive backfield, but Ohre Kilpatrick caught him from behind.
3 It has been recognized that in the central parts of Bohemia the best plant species for crop-marks are barley and wheat in the phase of late ripening, close to the harvest (during the first half of July), whilst in north-west Bohemia, in the Ohre river basin, the crop-mark season started in early to mid June (in 1992).
Certain lowlands where even nowadays the precipitation rate is only just sufficient for agriculture (Central Thuringia, the Ohre lowland in northwest Bohemia, parts of South Moravia, South Slovakia and the Hungarian plain) were much more sensitive to precipitation changes, like the karst areas in Thuringia, Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia, than most of the hill country in these regions, where small shifts in the vegetation pattern made little impact.