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OHREOffice of Human Radiation Experiments (US Department of Energy)
OHREOffice of Human Research Ethics (University of North Carolina)
OHREOffice of Human Resources and Education (US NASA)
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Based on the gathered data from the evaluation, the author of the stratigraphy assumes that the Xd chalkstones in the Roudnice region are an equivalent to the marlite of the same stratigraphy classification in the western part of the Ohre facies area.
Zahalka considers the Ohre area to be continuous lithologic and facies passage of arenaceous strata of the Jizera formation in the Polomene Mountains into the clay (marly clay) development of the same formation in the Roudnice and Poohri regions.
A detailed survey of the region started more than hundred years ago and brought basic knowledge of its tectonic setting (Hibsch, 1930): an integral idea of a graben--or subsided block (Senkungsfeld)--with SW-NE-striking fault systems: the Krusne hory Fault (Erzgebirgsbruch) in the NW and the Ohre Fault (Egerbruch) in the SE.
Hibsch (1930) situated the fault to the southernmost position, near the Ohre River to the Ohre Fault, Libochovice Fault and Roudnice Fault Field (sensu Hercik et al.
The contract~s implementation of technical and safety Supervision (TBD) of water works (hereinafter referred to as VD) administered by the Ohre River in the years 2016 to 2018.
Major organization : POVODEi OHRE, STEuTNEi PODNIK (70889988)
Prior Information Notice: Technical and safety supervision of water works in the povodE[degrees] ohre, state enterprise.
The contract is the implementation of technical and safety supervision of water works in Povod Ohre, state enterprise in the years 2016 to 2018.
Contract award: technical and safety supervision of water works in administration ohre river, a state enterprise.
Agency : Abwasserzweckverband Aller Ohre , vertreten durch KUBUS Kommunalberatung und Service GmbH
Handbuch der Spezielen Chirurgie des Ohres und der Oberen Luftwege, 2.