OHRIOttawa Hospital Research Institute (Canada)
OHRIOccupational Health & Rehabilitation Inc.
OHRIOverall Health Rating Index
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To better serve the community, OHRI will be hosting a three-day Spinal Cord Injury Continuum of Care Conference for SCI care professionals this fall.
Department of Clinical Epidemiology, OHRI, Ottawa, ON
conducted a randomized trial of the paper-based decision aid for prostate cancer screening from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed in the OHRI inventory mentioned previously (27).
Finally, another web-based trial of the effect of the Prosdex decision aid from the University of Cardiff, also listed in the OHRI inventory, was published by Evans et al.
The OHRI is rapidly becoming known as a leader in conducting world-first clinical trials with innovative therapies such as stem cells," said Stewart.
Ian Stiell, a Senior Scientist at OHRI, Chair of Emergency Medicine at Ottawa and Physician in The Ottawa Hospital Emergency Department.