OHRPOffice for Human Research Protections (subsidiary of HHS; monitors safeguards of test subjects)
OHRPOffice of Human Relations Programs (now Office of Diversity and Inclusion; University of Maryland; College Park, MD)
OHRPOrganizational Human Resource Planning (Dell)
OHRPOklahoma Health Research Program (Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology)
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Furthermore, the protocol template has attempted to incorporate guidance from CMS, CFR, FDA, HHS, ICH, ISO, NIH, OHRP, and other influential sources.
additional information is obtained, OHRP determines whether the
If OHRP adopts this provision, compliance would include disclosing informational risks and drafting a policy designed to ensure that consumers adequately comprehend and assess the risks and benefits of permitting 23andMe and subsequent entities to use their DNA and private health information.
OHRP Policy & Guidance: Frequently Asked Questions, last reviewed January 20, 2011, http://www.
239) Indeed, the fact that today the OHRP has to recommend that the 1991 Common Rule's definition of "human subject"--which as written does not clearly apply to archival material--be taken to include archival material, suggests as much.
guidance--by OHRP for the Common Rule, and by the OCR for the HIPAA
The OHRP has jurisdiction over research funded by or supported by the Department of Health and Human Services, for research conducted either in the US or in other countries.
Additional resources on the differences between QI and research activities are provided by DHHS on the OHRP website (DHHS, OHRP, 2009).
If FDA follows the model of OHRP and OCR and assigns a handful of
Through the Multicultural Curriculum Change Program, interested instructional faculty and graduate teaching assistants work one-on-one, in pairs, or as small group with OHRP staff in integrating multicultural educational approaches into their courses.
OHRP should also provide more specific direction about the conditions under which Informed Consent can and should be waived.