OHSAOccupational Health and Safety Act (various countries)
OHSAOccupational Health Services Australia
OHSAOccupational Health and Safety Agency (Health Canada)
OHSAOccupational Health and Safety Association (various locations)
OHSAOxidized Human Serum Albumin (biochemistry)
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One solution, Basu believes, to the regulatory minefield would be for the FDA to implement a 'trust and verify'-style OHSA Voluntary Protection Program, which would provide flexibility for cGMP sites to make modifications whilst accelerating the implementation of Operational Excellence (OpEx) without fear of shutdown.
This comes as part of an agreement signed by Yokogawa Middle East with AJA Academy in collaboration with Infovision for providing training solutions in International Management Systems viz, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as integrated management system.
This course will provide participants with the tools needed to identify the latest changes in OHSA rules and regulations and determine whether or not they affect an organization; interpret OSHA's confusing language and government legalese, and apply it as necessary to an organization; assess an organization for potential hazards and take action to eliminate them; create and implement a written safety plan; learn how to pass an OSHA inspection; develop a record-keeping system that meets OSHA standards; identify and defuse threats of violence in the workplace; and develop a workplace violence policy that addresses security internally and security for those employees who work with outside vendors and contractors.
Hitchcock will be involved in managing the company's eight warehouse safety programs, safety training for all associates, as well company-wide OHSA safety compliance.
For example, it unlikely that most people would know that criminal sanctions may attach to such activities as walking a dog in a government building, mixing two kinds of turpentine, or violating an instruction in the twenty-two pages of OHSA regulations pertaining to construction of ladders and scaffolding.
A traveling mist collection system helps meet new stricter OHSA requirements for particulatefree work environment.
The initiative comes on the heels of a settlement between OHSA and Beverly Enterprises in which the Fort Smith, Ark-based nursing home chain agreed to adopt ergonomic measures to reduce back injuries among workers who lift residents.
1997) (refusing to extend coverage of OHSA to private businessman on the worksite to sell merchandise).
Manufacturing processes pose risks to workers; OHSA obliges employers to take health and safety precautions.
With no legislation to prevent OHSA from taking action, the agency published its ergonomics standards on November 23, 1999.
States with OHSA approved state plans are currently in the process of drafting state plans.
Much hinges on how these questions will be resolved, including, for example, whether welfare recipients assigned to work are entitled to the minimum wage,(12) to unemployment insurance, or to OHSA protections, as well as the applicability of a host of state labor laws.