OHSCOriginal Hard Shell Case (used when selling guitars)
OHSCOccupational Health Smart Card (UK)
OHSCOut of Hours School Care (childcare; Australia)
OHSCOccupational Health and Safety Commission
OHSCOffice of the Health Services Commissioner (Australia)
OHSCOregon Health Sciences Center (Portland, OR)
OHSCOccupational Health and Safety Consultants, Inc. (est. 1994; Canada)
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Few employers conducted workplace surveillance for hazards and risks (Lu, 2009; OHSC, 2002 5).
We are very appreciative of the help we received from OHSC,'' said Robert M.
OHSC crews were an important part of the recovery team after one of the most damaging storms in company history, a PP&L representative said.
PP&L said that with the valuable support of OHSC crews, the company was able to restore service to all customers within four days.
In an exclusive interview with Izindaba, Marshall revealed that her OHSC (initiated 6 years ago) had now covered 'about 20%' of the nation's public health facilities, benchmarking minimum norms and standards and then measuring the processes they'd put in place.
She said the National Health Amendment Act dictated that the OHSC inspect facilities every 4 years.
Because of our partnership with OHSC and its highly-skilled work force, this goal is achievable.
The ITOF is a new centralized architecture that will allow OHSC to move forward with amalgamation of its existing operating centers.
This counterintuitive priority order (and negative public reaction to it [3]) led the OHSC to abandon cost-effectiveness analysis for purposes of developing its final priority list.
Finally, the OHSC rearranged apparently misplaced services "by hand," for example, moving obviously important services rated low by the method higher on the final list.
An early-warning system with an as yet to be identified set of indicators or incidents would be predicated on compulsory data reporting to the OHSC, leading to an ad hoc inspection or probe.
Here the OHSC had hired external expertise to help one provincial hospital investigate why it had such long pharmacy queues and in one week cut them down by 60%--rolling out the methodology to other North West hospitals with similar results.