OHSPOffice of Highway Safety Planning (Michigan)
OHSPOffice of Homeland Security and Preparedness (New Jersey)
OHSPOccupational Health and Safety Program (various universities)
OHSPOccupational Health Surveillance Program (Massachusetts)
OHSPOffice of High School Programs (Chicago, IL)
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Agencies will share $80,000 in OHSP federal traffic safety funds to purchase traffic safety equipment or enhance local traffic enforcement efforts.
The department recognizes the importance of developing partnerships with local businesses and the schools as well as teaming with other agencies and OHSP in enforcement efforts.
The department used targeted enforcement efforts, participation in OHSP programs, numerous public speaking engagements by officers and use of the media.
Utilizing specialized training of their traffic officers, targeted enforcement in problem areas and participation in all OHSP specialized enforcement efforts, the Muskegon County Sheriff's Department has been instrumental in reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities in the county.
MI OHSP RHIR Family MESSAGE (All Ages): Buckle Up, Every Trip, Every Time(TM)
MI OHSP RHIR OPPORTUNITY: WHO: Fans and the Community
MI OHSP, NASCAR, MIS, AAA, Roush Racing, RADD, TEAM and NHTSA will invite fans to tape a traffic safety message at Michigan International Speedway.
And, according to OHSP, the number of registered and unregistered motorcycles in Michigan is increasing, which means more riders on the road and more injuries and deaths virtually guaranteed in the future at an even greater cost.
While there was a significant reduction in overall snowmobile fatalities in 2003, the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association and OHSP intend to continue that positive trend in the future.
Funding for the "Drunk Driving is Drunk Driving, No Matter What You Drive" campaign is being provided through a federal grant administered by OHSP and funds from the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association.