OHSROffice of Human Subjects Research
OHSROccupational Health and Safety Regulation
OHSROffice of Health Services Research (West Virginia University)
OHSROrchestral Harmonie Salindres - Rousson
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pipes in vertical position along with RCC Columns of OHSR scour/over flow Sluice Valves (to be fitted in vertical pipes) and making connection with rising main and distribution
Tenders are invited for Providing and installing TubeWell of size 150 mm id straight upto 150 mtr depth Construction of RCC OHSR of 25000 ltrs capacity with 18 mtr upto FSL including Providing and fixing automatic electronic water level control device and and construction of Pump Chamber under OHSR installation of Pumping Machinery CI fitting inside pump chamber, disinfection unit Rising Main development of water works site, laying of distribution system and all other works contingent thereto including operation and maintenance 4 months of newly constructed water supply scheme complete in all respects as per DNIT
Tenders are invited for Construction of 50000 Ltr capacity OHSR with sill level not less than 19mtr & FSL not less than 22 mtr above ground level, Providing & fixing electronic water level control device & plinth protection around OHSR, Providing & Installing Submersible Pump set of 225 LPM, Head 105 mtr, Electricity based water Chlorination Unit, Construction of Pump Chamber size 3.
Tenders are invited for Construction of RCC OHSR 25000 Ltr capacity not to be less than 18 mtr height upto FSL Plinth Protection around OHSR Providing and Fixing double flanged pipes, valves specials and automatic water level device supplying and laying of various PVC pipes valves and specials for rising main and delivery main Chlorination Plant for disinfections of Water Construction of Pump Chamber cum staff quarter Providing and Installing pumping machinery site laying Rain Environmental Management and all other works contingent there to Complete in all respects
Tenders are invited for Augmentation and Bifurcation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Gige Majra Block Kharar District SAS Nagar Construction of an RCC OHSR of 75000 ltr capacity with 22.