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OHSSOvarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
OHSSOvigerous-Hair Stripping Substance (biology)
OHSSOccupational Health and Safety Service (UK)
OHSSOccupational Health and Safety Staff
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Many treatment options were discusssed with the couple together with IVM-TESA but due to a history of OHSS in one of the previous attempts, the couple decided to be treated with this treatment modality.
Two 2006 meta-analyses yielded conflicting results, but were based on small heterogeneous trials that were not powered for OHSS nor pregnancy rates and were conducted in selected populations, said Dr.
Other effective strategies to prevent OHSS are already in clinical practice, and the new drug would have to go through large clinical trials to confirm its efficacy, safety and equivalence to these other medications currently in use," he added.
However, while the theory of a freeze-all policy seems attractive - and the technique has been commonly employed as a safety measure when OHSS is a threat - no robust systematic studies have indicated whether the cryopreservation of all viable embryos with later frozen embryo transfer (FET) is associated with better outcomes than fresh embryo transfers.
2005), OHSS is a greater risk in multipleinfant pregnancies and because of this, it is recommended that patients with severe OHSS undergo oocyte collection, cryopreserve of their embryos, and end the cycle, postponing embryo transfer until later.
Bu degerler ile OHSS tanisi alan hastanin takibinde 10 gun icerisinde klinik durumun duzeldigi, akciger grafilerinin normale dondugu ve efuzyonunun tekrarlamadigi saptandi.
That team can also help customers integrate OHSS with Verizon Business' other contact center solutions.
Marina suffered from OHSS once more ending up in intensive care after her body swelled up.
Follistim(R) AQ Cartridge should be used only by physicians who are experienced in infertility treatment and should advise their patients of treatment risks, including OHSS and multiple births.
Although the condition is serious and women affected need hospital treatment, OHSS is usually resolved within a few weeks.
GnRH agonists have disadvantages including the need for administration of the agents to induce pituitary desensitization for more than 2 weeks and multiple follicular growth and developing OHSS risks especially in patients with PCOS (5-7).