OHSTIOhio High School Transformation Initiative
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It may eventually expand beyond the OHSTI and Early College initiatives.
Of the 15 schools taking part in OHSTI, 13 have improved their rankings on the state report cards since 2001-02, the year before work on the small schools conversions began.
Ten new small schools have opened this year as part of OHSTI.
Documented by independent freelance writers, the authentic, behind-the- scenes stories in Every Student Deserves a Legacy: A Year of Transformation in the Lives of Ohio's Urban High School Students tell a tale of struggle and success among the small groups of students, teachers, community members, and leaders involved in OHSTI.
Osborn will be on hand during this gallery walk to answer questions related to OHSTI and The Ohio Early College Network.
In the fall of 2005 KnowledgeWorks Foundation anticipates the opening of 24 additional small schools for OHSTI and five for Early College.
OHSTI is designed to change, not only the urban high school itself, but the district wide system of school organization and support in 11 of Ohio's most challenged urban districts, from classroom practice to district policy.
OHSTI is an effort to create new small schools and convert large, urban high schools into smaller schools within the existing facility.
The goal of the OHSTI, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education, the Governor's office, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and others, is to substantially improve education outcomes in Ohio by creating a variety of autonomous small learning environments in urban high schools where all students will have the ability to successfully learn in an atmosphere of high expectations.