OICWObjective Individual Combat Weapon
OICWOnly in Connection With
OICWOpportunites Industralization Center West (job placement center)
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The community-based organizations, OICW and One East Palo Alto, offer outreach, communication, and support services.
org or Stephen Baiter, Director of Youth Programs at OICW, phone: 650/330-6453, e-mail: sbaiter@oicw.
Founded in 1965 to help low income Bay area residents achieve success, OICW has served more than 58,000 people with its accredited job training classes, counseling and placement services, teen programs, evening and weekend courses and child development centers.
What happens when the OICW is sold to militaries around the world, who may use the weapon against their own people?
FN's parent company, FN Herstal, of Liege, Belgium, is preparing its own proposal for the OICW,, said Marvin Memmert, business unit manager for FN's M 16 and M249 programs.
Initial reports state that the Convertor combines the best design features of two controversial guns: the OICW and the FN P90.
The XM8 is the rifle portion of the OICW, which fires 5.
And for once, we'd really be lightening the infantryman's load, at least in comparison to the M203/M16 combination or the OICW.
Armed Forces searches for a viable new combat rifle (see "Phase IV: The OICW Rifle" GUNS April 00) and struggles to evaluate the practicalities of the recently adopted SOCOM pistol, they've also been quietly pushing ahead with a project to design and create the ultimate combat shotgun.
The service decided to go ahead with this latest rifle--known as the XM8 Lightweight Modular Weapon System--after repeated delays in the OICW program.