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OIDOracle Internet Directory (LDAPV3-compliant, hierarchical data repository; Oracle)
OIDObject Identifier (ASN.1)
OIDObject Identifier
OIDOriginal Issue Discount
OIDOf Iets Dergelijks (Dutch: or something like that)
OIDOffice for Institutional Diversity (various schools)
OIDOriginator Id
OIDOutline Installation Drawing
OIDOriginal Id
OIDOriginal Install Date
OIDOverlay Id
OIDOracle Internet Directory
OIDObject Interaction Diagram
OIDOrganizational Innovation and Deployment (Process Area; Capability Maturity Model Integration)
OIDOnly in Dreams (Weezer song-title)
OIDObservatorio Internacional de la Deuda (Spanish: International Debt Observatory; Belgium)
OIDOther Infant Death
OIDOperator Interface Device (telecommunications)
OIDOperation Order (OPORD) Identification (US DoD)
OIDOvine Interdigital Dermatitis
OIDOperator Input Device
OIDOrganizational, Intermediate, Or Depot
OIDOptimal Inner Decoding
OIDObject to Image Receptor Distance (medical imaging)
OIDOxford Illustrated Dictionary
OIDOptimal Importance Density
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At 500 knots (250 m/s) airspeed, the aircraft moves 12 mm between consecutive laser pulses, a distance equal to the laser beam waist at the OID window.
Bondholders add the amount of OID taken into income each period to their basis in the bond.
After that, we get the OID (p) of the T-Act "Person" and send a select message where we specify col as a continuation.
A review of the literature revealed no instance in which the LP scale has been administered in conjunction with the OID scale used in this study.
2) Collective efficacy, which refers to individuals' beliefs that their group, unit or organization can function effectively and perform its tasks successfully (Shamir, 1990), can be both an antecedent and a consequence of OID because members are more likely to identify with a unit or organization they perceive to be efficacious, and identification with a group is often associated with the attribution of positive qualities to the group (Tajfel, 1982).
To help ensure compliance with the reporting requirements for publicly offered OID instruments, the IRS will be working with representatives of the securities industry to better inform and remind OID bond issuers of their responsibility to file Forms 8281.
Since the redemption of preferred stock with a large redemption premium resembled OID debt, Congress decided to apply the economic accrual rules of IRC Sec.
During preparation for the flight, FAAM provided full support to GKN Aerospace in the design, certification, and mounting of the OID flight unit to their ARA, a specially modified BAe 146-301.
It also identified additional information to be disclosed on annual returns regarding the amount of deferred COD income included in gross income, the amount of deferred OID deducted, and the amount of any remaining deferred items.
COB and FSB treated this interchange as creating or adding to the OID of its pool of credit card receivables and recognized the interchange amount over time, using a method developed by accounting firm KPMG.
To assess whether the OID and WID scales did indeed measure two different identifications rather than one single identification, for Sample 2 we entered the items comprising the two measures in a principal component analysis (PCA) with OBLIMIN rotation (Sample 1 was deemed too small for a meaningful analysis).