OIEOffice of International Education (Carnegie Mellon University)
OIEOffice International des Épizooties (French: International Office of Epizootics; Paris)
OIEOficina Internacional de Epizootias (Spanish: World Organization for Animal Health)
OIEOffice International de l'Eau (French: International Office for Water)
OIEOrganisation Internationale des Employeurs (French: International Employers Organization)
OIEOffice of Internet Enforcement (US Securities and Exchange Commission)
OIEOptimum Image Enlargement (Olympus)
OIEOrganismos de Informação Europeia (Portugal)
OIEOperational Independent Evaluator
OIEOperator Induced Error
OIEOffice of Indian Education (US Department of Education)
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1) A catalogue of heroines each of whom was introduced with the words E OIE, `Or like her'.
The OIE registration of BOVIGAM is a major step toward a world free of bTB," said Martin Guillet, global head and general manager of animal health at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
In August 2013, despite active surveillance at country borders and in-country animal health controls, a new bovine TB outbreak in Panama was reported to OIE (6).
No human infections have been reported with the H5N1 virus detected in Canada, unlike the genetically different Asian strain, an OIE spokeswoman said.
OIE trade guidelines call on countries to base trade restrictions on sound science and, whenever possible, to limit restrictions to those animals and animal products within a defined region that pose a risk of spreading disease of concern.
The fact that the OIE has published this book shows that the camelid family, which has been neglected for so many years, is now also acknowledged in the western hemisphere as a very serious source of income," Prof Wernery said at the launch of the book on Monday night.
The decision was based on the reports of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) which stated that Sudan is free of the Rift Valley fever and Rinderpest, besides the recommendation of the OIE technical team that visited Sudan recently.
So far, three patterns of infection have been reported: * Community acquired cases (the exposure sources remains unknown and are believed to include direct or indirect contact with animals, especially camels, or environmental source) * Hospital acquired infections * Infection acquired through close household human-to-human contact Between November 2013 and May 2014 Qatar also reported to OIE that MERS-CoV has been identified in four camels.
Ibrahim said that Lebanon had halted imports from Parana back in 2013 as a precaution and said the country adhered to the OIE codes.
Jeddah, April 4 (SUNA) The general corporation for food and medicine has lifted its temporary ban on the importation of the chilled and frozen breed of cows, sheep, goats, and their products from Sudan , the lift of the ban was taken according to the reports of world organizations for animal health OIE (Office International des Epizooties - OIE) that provide that Sudan was free of disease and Rift Valley fever, rinderpest, and the recommendation of the technical team that visited the Sudan and recommended the lift of the temporary ban imposed on the import of meats from the Sudan.
OIE research has shown that while scrapie is in some sheep, it poses no risk to human health.
According to the OIE official, animal pathogens are readily available in nature and animal disease can impact not only animal health, but countries' trade, economies and public safety.