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OITCOne in the Chamber
OITCOffice of International Treasury Control (fraudulent organization)
OITCOntario Innovation Tax Credit (Ontario, Canada)
OITCOutdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (acoustics)
OITCOfficer-in-Tactical Command
OITCOffice of Information Technology Communications (Maryland)
OITCOkinawa ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Tourism Consortium (Japan)
OITCOntario International Trade Corporation (Canada)
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In comparison to a typical double glazed window that offers a resistance value of R-3 to R-4 and an OITC in the low 20s, these results are unprecedented in a glass window of 6mm.
Adding to the energy efficiency of the window is 1-inch insulating or laminated glass, which provides high thermal performance and enhances STC and OITC (sound resistance) performance.
Ohio has done a good job recently of supporting entrepreneurship and should renew the OITC program, which is an important component of Ohio's support for a robust entrepreneurial environment, to continue that momentum.