OKTOktober (German: October)
OKTOlympisch Kwalificatie Toernooi (Dutch: Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
OKTAmiga Oktalyzer (digital music file format)
OKTOrang Kena Tuduh (Malaysia court cases)
OKTOur Kitchen Table
OKTOccupational Knowledge Test
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A Spanish translation of the OKT, provided by the questionnaire developers, was used for patients whose primary language was Spanish.
A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) of the subscales for the OKT was performed based on various demographic factors (Table 3).
Table 4 displays the results of previous studies using the OKT in various populations as a means of comparison.
Therefore, we chose to do analyses using two-tailed independent Student's t tests to review correct answers on the OKT in relation to ethnicity (coded as Caucasian and non-Caucasian; see Table 1).
The scores of participants in this study (mean OKT score = 11.
The OKT, although it has been used in non-Caucasian populations, may need to be adapted to assess more culturally relevant factors because dietary staples vary widely among African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans.
It was somewhat unexpected that men had OKT scores similar to those of women, because osteoporosis is often thought to be a "female" disease.
The previous use of the OKT in more than 700 nonepilepsy patients does, however, provide a strong case for a range of scores to expect.
The OKT was developed in 1991 when there was a different recommended daily allowance (RDA) for calcium.
With uncertain global market conditions, export-focused Israeli companies are still looking for expertise to help lower their costs and increase the value of their MICE expenditure," commented Carmit Bar-Esh, vice president of OKT Global Meeting and Convention.
The event is being organized by OKT Global Meeting and Convention, who are experts in providing full turnkey travel and event solutions to clients worldwide.
OKT Meeting and Convention assists customers in all aspects of planning and managing attendance, participation in meetings, conventions, conferences, trade fairs and other special occasions.