OLJOrder of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
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domestic political scene, OLJ is centered on Yane Yanev,
October 27 saw the latest episode in a two-pronged attacks by Yanev's OLJ and the socialists against Tsvetanov.
OLJ MPs had lodged a complaint with Parliament's anti-corruption committee against Andrei Ivanov, chairperson of the Sofia Municipal Council and a member of ruling party GERB, Yanev told a news conference.
But instead, the OLJ allegations were accompanied by Yanev's party and the socialists succeeding in gathering more than enough signatures to table in Parliament a motion to set up a commission of inquiry into Tsvetanov's financial affairs.
The unconditional support of OLJ and the Blue Coalition has already started to slow.
In the face of this unstable support, Borissov has one weapon which he did not hesitate to use when responding to OLJ claims about alleged corruption in the Cabinet.
This was Abadjiev's response to hints by Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov that OLJ was SANS' political project aimed at having its own group in Parliament so that it can influence the running of the country.
The Blue Coalition and OLJ also demanded a change to the constitution.
This sparked a wave of anti-MRF and anti-Turk denunciations by Ataka and OLJ, probably serving only to consolidate Muslim Bulgarians' support for the MRF.
Judging from previous elections, the biggest loser from a high turnout would be the MRF, which can rely on a disciplined hard core of supporters, further motivated by fiery anti-MRF rhetoric by OLJ and Ataka in the last week of the campaign.
Unlike Sova Harris, the MBMD survey said that the NMSP could make it to Parliament while LIDER-New Time coalition and OLJ were not certain of getting over the four per cent threshold.
2 per cent, LIDER with Novoto Vreme four per cent and OLJ 3.