OLMPOptical Link Management Protocol (Optical Networks)
OLMPOffice of Labor Management Partnership
OLMPOfficial Language Monitor Program (Canada)
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Thus, the OLMP depends on credentialed adjunct faculty who are competitively chosen and centrally managed through a contract administrator (a Ph.
11) At this point, online education as offered via the ACSC OLMP cannot replicate the seminar-based, active learning (Socratic dialectic) of in-residence education.
One student who had first taken ACSC online courses and then attended in residence during academic year 2012 concluded in the focus group discussions, "I can now say that the OLMP challenged me in a much more cerebral way.
Furthermore, all OLMP students research and write a substantive paper through a two-course sequence as a degree requirement, whereas residence students have several writing options available other than a long research paper to fulfill their requirements.
The OLMP as currently structured does not offer that opportunity (although the presence of sister Service and joint qualified officers on the online faculty offers some compensation).