OLNSOriginating Line Number Screening
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It appears that in many cases wastage of OLNS is significant.
No included study found any effect on mortality rates between the control group and the group receiving OLNS or any statistically significant improvement in functional status by any of the outcome measures for participants receiving OLNS.
Another study found statistically significant increase in overall daily energy intake in OLNS group.
Seven studies reported data on weight gain or loss as an outcome of OLNS administration.
One low-quality RCT reported that the administration of OLNS to their experimental group had significantly slowed the group's decline in Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) compared to the control.
Two RCTs found no evidence that OLNS has any effect on the bowel function.
Replacing water intake with OLNS, for instance through the 'med-pass' concept, is a concern for circumstances where dehydration is a continuing problem in the elderly.