OLRAOntario Labour Relations Act (Canada)
OLRAOff-Leash Recreation Area (dog parks)
OLRAOffice of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs (Virginia Department of Social Services)
OLRAOregon Legal Recruiting Association (est. 1997)
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There is no direct link between the three constitutional words "freedom of association" and the thousands of words in, for example, the OLRA (supra note 28).
80) We can consider Canadian labour law statutes, such as the OLRA (supra note 28), in the same light.
Yet, in examining the politics surrounding the OLRA between 1949 and 1961, this claim is difficult to sustain.
Rather, the government's OLRA was much more closely aligned to business than has previously been assumed.
In Ontario, the Conservative government did commit to collective bargaining legislation which was reflected in the passage of the OLRA in 1950.
The Consolidation of the Provincial Labour Code: The 1950 OLRA
28) In other words, the 1948 OLRA was a legislative copy of the federal Liberal's IRDIA.
Unfair labour practice provisions within the OLRA would not have afforded such protection.
49) Trade unions that intend to achieve bargaining representative status under the OLRA would usually have the regulation of employment relations as their objective.
The OLRA protects "persons" from reprisals if they support a trade union or engage in trade union activities.
Because employment standards legislation is designed to protect vulnerable workers, it is often interpreted broadly to include, for example, workers who might be considered "dependent contractors" under the OLRA.
At an absolute minimum, this should include "dependent contractors" as defined by the OLRA.