OLRBOntario Labour Relations Board
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The percentage of cases pertaining to certification is higher than the norm of the typical OLRB hearing caseload.
In the case of the OLRB, 996 of the 3,790 cases received in 2014-15 were construction grievances and only 41 were jurisdictional disputes in construction.
Scbwartzman v MGEU (2010), 190 CLRBR (2d) 184 (Man LB); Switzer v National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation and General Workers Union of Canada, [1999] OLRB Rep 757.
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International Union, Local 6500 vVale Inco Limited, J2010J OLRB Rep 548,
Some players thought the association would negotiate individual salaries, and some objected to the association being called a "trade union," the term used in the OLRB application but just denied by Mound in his interview with Vipond, which was published in that morning's paper.
The OLRB did not conclude that the Union had behaved in a manner that is arbitrary, discriminatory or in bad faith.
If there are differences between the bargaining unit proposals of the employer and union (for example, if the employer claims that a particular classification should be included in the unit, and the union argues that it should be excluded), the OLRB will determine the appropriate unit at a "certification" hearing.
The OLRB had decided to grant automatic certification, instead of ordering a second vote, because "the result of the contravention is that a representation vote does not or would not likely reflect the true wishes of the employees in the bargaining unit about being represented by the trade union.
The Committee also reviewed the supervision of collective bargaining, the enforcement of OLRB decisions, and the regulation of internal union affairs.
See Forbes v Simcoe County Roman Catholic Separate School Custodians, [1993] OLRB Rep Dec 1283; IWA--Canada Local--1-1000 v Hawkesbury Knitting Mills, [1997] OLRB Rep Sept/Oct 862.
Canadian leaders wanted to delay until their case before the OLRB was decided, preferring to avoid any "animosity" towards the TWUA when the strike was abandoned.