OLVIMSOn-Line Vehicle Interactive Management System
OLVIMSOn-Line Vehicle Integrated Management System (vehicle maintence)
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Fuel-consumption data for specific vehicle registration numbers can be retrieved by OLVIMS without any further action.
Fuel-consumption data from the coupons are gathered by vehicle operations and passed to vehicle maintenance for manual input into OLVIMS via an MZ transaction.
On all three flowcharts (Figures 5, 6, and 7), fuel-consumption data flow to DESC, except the data fed directly into OLVIMS.
An interface requirement agreement between FAS and OLVIMS was established on 20 February 2001.
The OLVIMS query and download capability provides the Air Force visibility of fuels obligation data resident in the FAS Enterprise Server.
To access the Purple Hub, each OLVIMS user must establish a user identification and password by filling out Defense Logistics Agency Form 1811.
Each vehicle maintenance facility with an OLVIMS capability logs onto the FAS Enterprise Server to obtain its fuel-consumption data.
The following line represents a DESC fuel transaction downloaded by the OLVIMS user, and Table 1 is a breakdown of the data line:
For transportation-specific purposes (base, MAJCOM, and Air Force-wide), fuel-consumption data are captured in OLVIMS.
The purpose of OLVIMS is to provide an online, interactive system of records and files which can be created, accessed, updated, deleted, exercised, and summarized in a real-time manner.
Rename the priority recall field in the fleet management module of modernized OLVIMS to identify MEL authorizations.
Eventually, PECs should be added to OLVIMS as an independent field for sorting vehicles.