OMATOrdine Martinista Antico e Tradizionale (Italian: Ancient and Traditional Martinist Order)
OMATOverseas Medical Assistance Team (East Norwich, NY)
OMATOperability and Maintainability Analysis Technique (Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table)
OMATOverseas Medical Admission Test (various locations)
OMATOverseas Mauritians Aid Trust (UK)
OMATOptimization & Machine Automation Technology
OMATOffice of Manpower & Automatic Training
OMATOffice of Manpower Automation & Training
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To obtain a comprehensive overview of protein components in IMAT and OMAT from individual seven groups (cows, steers, and bulls), protein profiles of whole lysate of IMAT and OMAT were separated by SDS-PAGE and assessed by silver-stained image analysis.
In OMAT of cows, steers, and bulls, 33, 33, and 22 were confirmed to be differentially expressed, respectively (Table 3).
OMAT is a promising surgical technique for the treatment of articular cartilage defects.
During diagnostic arthroscopy, full-thickness craterlike chondral defects larger than 10 mm in diameter (Outerbridge IV (11)) located on the weightbearing area of the femoral condyle (9 patients) or lateral femoral condyle (one patient) or on the patella (two patients with osteoarthritis, in conjunction with total knee arthroplasty) were considered for OMAT (Figs.
For more information from OMAT Control Technologies, Jerusalem, Israel, http://www.
Until now, that is, and the introduction by OMAT Control Technologies, Jerusalem, Israel, of its OptiMil, a universal adaptive control product for CNC milling/drilling machines and machining centers.
Eduard Tabachnik, vice president of product development at OMAT, explains that in rough cutting, CNC programmers are forced to adopt a conservative approach in their attempt to avoid overloading conditions, and, consequently, they tend to program for worst case cutting conditions.
Develops a theory of masculinity based on assertion rather than aggression, analyzing the presentation of manliness in OMATS and Homer's Iliad.
Reads OMATS as a modernist experiment bridging the gap between modernism and postmodernism.
Software developers outline a computer game based upon OMATS in which built-in variations of goals, heroes, and settings maximize the reusability of the game.
Discusses a new information technology program that draws on various literary works, including EH's OMATS to teach students leadership lessons.
Hooked on Hemingway" featuring OMATS works for fourth graders.