OMICOphthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (San Francisco, CA)
OMICOrganic Materials Innovation Centre (UK)
OMICOverseas Merchandise Inspection Co. (Japan)
OMICOntario Mineral Industry Cluster (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)
OMICObserver Mission in the Comoros (UN)
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Kenton said in a news release issued Monday that OMIC will augment the region's capabilities in metals, machining and manufacturing by delivering innovative solutions to industry while providing on-the-job research and educational opportunities for students at Oregon Tech and the other participating institutions.
OMIC is a comprehensive, freestanding diagnostic imaging center whose goal is to provide patients with superior diagnostic imaging services in a caring, safe and convenient environment.
While speaking on the occasion, the UVAS VC said the conference on animal omics will bring important issues to the table to be discussed so that technologies can be devised and suggestions made to improve the system.
Speaking on the occasion, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said that the conference on animal omics is expected to bring important issues to the table, so that technologies could be devised and suggestion be made to improve the system.
The OMICS Data Sharing initiative recruited Pakistan as a founding member and will function for three years duration.
Beginning in 2018, the department is moving toward whole genome sequencing and will combine these efforts with the functional omics efforts at TML.
About 8 years ago, he and his assodates launched an ongoing longitudinal personal omics profiling project of 105 individuals, 55% of whom are prediabetic.
Ma will outline how, for the first time in history, omics are providing powerful tools to understand quality in wine grapes.
In all these phases, various omics technologies take the lead.
IFM's 2015 Annual International Conference, The Omics Revolution: Nature and Nurture, will serve as the launch site for the first presentation in the series, "Functional Medicine and Genomics: A Match Made in Heaven.
UKPRwire, Wed Apr 08 2015] OMICS Group International is pleased to announce the 4th International Conference on Surgery 2015 during October 05-07, 2015; Dubai, UAE with a view to accelerate the research efforts in this field to meet the challenges of generation next.
Integration of metabolomic data with the upstream omics could maximize the potential impact of metabolomics in T2D research.