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OMISOrganizational Memory Information Systems
OMISObsolescence Management Information System (DoD)
OMISOperations and Management Information Systems
OMISObsevatory Magnetometer Interface System
OMISOptical Multi-Channel Imaging Sensor
OMISOfficer Management Information System
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In the review planning step, the research was directed according to the purpose of the article, namely, to explore the approaches to OM and OMIS existing in the literature, with the aim of analyzing the described concepts, models, application, features and functionalities.
Without being familiar with the concept of OMIS, about 76% of respondents accepted the idea that having a system that allows collaboration and sharing of useful knowledge in performing everyday tasks could contribute positively to the creation of firm's value.
Sales director Liz Bamforth said: "I'm very pleased to have won the OMIS from UKTI as this will allow us to expedite plans and quickly gain valuable market knowledge of potential contacts, such as design engineers, contractors and clients, to help market in Eastern Europe.
The OMIS elements must cover any possible operation in the AF field, such as the creation, storage, retrieval, transfer and exploitation of knowledge.
Stephen Muir, a UK Trade & Investment's International Trade Adviser, said: "The company has made positive strides over the past year with its export plans and as a result of the contacts in Brazil identi-fied through OMIS and the company's follow-up visits, it has now appointed an agent to represent the company there.
This activity included establishing whether there was an interest for the product in the markets, how to approach the sector and using OMIS to identify key contacts and make appointments.
The OMIS report says: "Newcastle is the biggest loser despite the city's impressive investment performance in 2004 and 2005.
The North-east has a good reputation and a good track record when it comes to export sales and we have been pleased with the response from companies looking at Market Visits and making use of OMIS.
He said: "We're now looking at commissioning an OMIS report for India to help identify key contacts in both the private sector and local government.
Bosses have also commissioned an OMIS (Overseas Market Introduction Service) report focusing on South Korea.
The conference enhanced by the OMIS service provided by UKTI makes these visits very cost-effective and brings meaningful results.
Our success surpassed all our expectations, especially through the OMIS report for South Korea.