OMVCOpen Mobile Video Coalition
OMVCOklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission (est. 1953)
OMVCOld Massett Village Council (Masset, British Columbia, Canada)
OMVCOpen Mitral Valve Commissurotomy
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The NAB is honored to assume the duties carried out so successfully by the OMVC," said Sen.
Building on her OMVC leadership and accomplishments, Schelle will continue her Mobile TV evangelism as a senior policy consultant to the NAB to help assure a smooth transition.
The Device Profile guidelines provide two product scenarios, and both address elements that the OMVC believes are crucial to Mobile DTV success: the addition of conditional access, service/audience measurement, and Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity.
Because OMVC anticipates that some Mobile DTV services will use service protection, both profiles require support for conditional access.
In the fall, the OMVC will initiate a model Conditional Access System in the Washington, D.
Similar to the process used in the earlier development of fixed HDTV consumer products consumer electronics manufacturers can use recorded streams for lab testing of new Mobile DTV products, and the OMVC has been busy developing several new services that will help all parts of the ecosystem deploy the best system for local viewers," said OMVC Executive Director Anne Schelle.
The OMVC Experience Zone at the Mobile DTV Pavilion is sponsored by LG Electronics, Neustar, and Winegard.
We're off to a great start with the OMVC Mobile DTV Forum, which has exceeded our expectations by rapidly organizing working groups and attracting new members of exceptional quality with a real commitment to Mobile DTV deployment," said VincentSadusky, CEO of LIN Media and president of the OMVC.
With Neustar, we have a steady hand at the controls of what we believe will be a thriving digital mobile industry that will bring broadcast television content to millions of American consumers," said OMVC President Vince Sadusky, who is also president and CEO of LIN Media.
From May through October 2010, OMVC conducted a Consumer Showcase of Mobile DTV technology with nearly 350 consumers getting "hands on" opportunities to use Mobile DTV on prototype cell phones, netbooks, and a new DVD player equipped with Mobile DTV capability.
Consumers who have tried Mobile DTV in the nation's capital on a variety of devices agree: it's great to have your favorite channels, as well as real-time news, weather, and traffic, with you wherever you go," said Vince Sadusky, Chairman of the OMVC and CEO and President of LIN Media.
It is fitting that, as the Mobile DTV industry evolves from the experimental stage into active business planning, our organization expands its membership," said Vince Sadusky, president and CEO of LIN Media and president of the OMVC.