OMVSOrganisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal (Senegal River Development Organization)
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The most interesting feature of the OMVS is that the physical infrastructure constructed within the framework of the activities of the organization is the common property of the member countries, irrespective of where it is located.
Na Africa Ocidental, um dos projetos pioneiros, de cooperacao e de gestao concertado de um rio "fronteira" e a Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du fleuve Senegal (OMVS), fato que explica a escolha da OMVS como caso de analise deste trabalho.
OMVS said that it anticipates signing a letter of intent with this company in a number of days in order to begin detailed due diligence on the organisation's leadership, products and business plan.
While Senegal is only one of the three OMVS member countries, and Mali and Mauritania have not agreed to the shift, senior officials from OMVS scheduled several days at the Institute in December 1994 to review the hydrological, economic, environmental, and social soundness of our proposal.
The company cites a recent Frost and Sullivan report predicted trucking will soon see an Uber-style transformation, where online, on-demand apps like the one being developed by OMVS will play a major role in logistics operations and revenue-generation.
OMVS said it expects to ink a preliminary agreement with its first charter service within a very short timeframe.
Adapting the system to help dramatically improve workplace safety, too, could potentially make the pending business alliance with KEAS extremely lucrative for OMVS.
According to the letter of intent, OMVS has 90 days to perform due diligence on the feasibility of assisting KEAS with the development and marketing of the alert system and other groundbreaking products.
OMVS plans to investigate the possibility of assisting the company to market and distribute its products on a vastly increased scale.
In order to capitalize on this rising need, OMVS has initiated negotiations toward a potential partnership with a Texas company that owns the license to a cutting-edge system designed to dramatically reduce collisions with emergency vehicles.
According to OMVS, it has seen great industry-wide interest in its online shared-economy business model, which offers substantial business, competitive and cost-saving advantages to truckers of all stripes, particularly the independent hauler.
From this, OMVS will look to assist the Company to leverage this patented technology in order to develop new applications for the safety enhancement sector.