OMVSOrganisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal (Senegal River Development Organization)
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The most interesting feature of the OMVS is that the physical infrastructure constructed within the framework of the activities of the organization is the common property of the member countries, irrespective of where it is located.
While Senegal is only one of the three OMVS member countries, and Mali and Mauritania have not agreed to the shift, senior officials from OMVS scheduled several days at the Institute in December 1994 to review the hydrological, economic, environmental, and social soundness of our proposal.
OMVS said it expects to ink a preliminary agreement with its first charter service within a very short timeframe.
In addition to its letter of intent with KEAS, OMVS has signed an LOI to pursue a definitive agreement with IQBiometrix, the creator of an innovative new facial composite software used by law enforcement.
OMVS will then assist the company to market and distribute its cutting-edge products to municipalities and other agencies around the world.
OMVS will work to deliver high-quality safety and protection products for homes, businesses and vehicles.
It's going to be a sort of swimwear 'Survivor,'" said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown.
Government incentives will allow OMVS to operate a leaner, more profitable production of our mobile video content," said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown.
We're creating reality series event programming that captures the drama and appeal of "The Bachelor" and "American Idol" for exclusive viewing on mobile devices," said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown.
By premiering original programming on wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets, OMVS Media plans to target more than 200 million potential mobile viewers worldwide.
We are living those prophecies today," said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown.
A former studio executive, OMVS CEO Patrick Brown understands the business of filming entertainment inside and out.