ONAMIOregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute
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If there is a company, (I) help refine their strategy, their business plan, work with them to write proposals for gap-fund grants that ONAMI provides as well as help introduce them to a network of different resources.
Since 2003, ONAMI has received $42 million in state funds.
Together, the state, the University of Oregon and ONAMI are not only creating the seeds for the economy of the future, but they are enhancing Oregon's economy today.
OTEC will add a unique dimension to what is already a vibrant collaboration between industry, academe and state government," said Skip Rung, president of ONAMI, the state's signature research center.
The building is also part of a statewide initiative - the Oregon Nano-science and Microtechnology Institute, or ONAMI - that includes the UO, Oregon State University, Portland State University, the federal Pacific Northwest National Laboratories and high-tech industries.
Association and media sponsors include MIT Technology Review, Small Times, NASA Tech Briefs, Lux Research, Nanoclarity, ONAMI, Invest In France Agency, Minatec and Italian Trade Commission.
For example, ONAMI and UO researchers are guiding the development of safer new materials and technologies such as green nanotechnologies using environmentally friendly green chemistry.
Otherwise, please step aside so that the citizens of Eugene are not led to believe that ONAMI is as sugar-coated as the newspaper has portrayed it thus far.
Having the ability to work at the nanoscale and understand the basic building blocks of our world is going to result in tremendous breakthroughs and deliver benefits for a wide variety of products and services in both the short and long term," said Skip Rung, director of ONAMI.
The first project was funded mostly by a grant from the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, or ONAMI, and a private donation from Lorry Lokey, the building's namesake.
Unique to this online community, the ONAMI site offers visitors functional tools that facilitate real-world commercialization of innovations from ONAMI affiliates.
ONAMI funding is shared among OSU, the UO, Portland State University and the Pacific Northwest National Labor- atory.