ONAMIOregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute
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If there is a company, (I) help refine their strategy, their business plan, work with them to write proposals for gap-fund grants that ONAMI provides as well as help introduce them to a network of different resources.
Together, the state, the University of Oregon and ONAMI are not only creating the seeds for the economy of the future, but they are enhancing Oregon's economy today.
Since 2003, ONAMI has received $42 million in state funds.
OTEC will add a unique dimension to what is already a vibrant collaboration between industry, academe and state government," said Skip Rung, president of ONAMI, the state's signature research center.
ONAMI researchers foster the understanding of material properties on the smallest scales to help develop new applications such as energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, improved sensors and communications, components for commercial semi-conductor and thermo-electric devices for consumer electronics, new anti-bacterial coatings that eliminate unnecessary antibiotic usage and safer and easier drug delivery methods for vaccines to fight malaria and other parasitic diseases.
Key to the new ONAMI site is its NanoNetwork, which functions to connect the resources of the ONAMI organization, namely, Oregon's three public research universities, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash, and private industry.
It builds on the ONAMI concept and will help all of us keep Oregon's best students and attract leading advanced students to the state because of the access to faculty on three campuses and the Silicon Forest.
The first project was funded mostly by a grant from the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, or ONAMI, and a private donation from Lorry Lokey, the building's namesake.
The rare bedrock setting is expected to provide the sensitive instruments used for nanoscience with a vibration level that is two to three times lower than the "gold standard" set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, according to ONAMI co-founder David Johnson, a University of Oregon chemistry professor.
ONAMI funding is shared among OSU, the UO, Portland State University and the Pacific Northwest National Labor- atory.
As a charter supporter of ONAMI, on whose advisory board I am honored to serve, ESI takes pride in having donated equipment for use in the institute's important research, which is sowing the seeds for the future.
Through ONAMI, Voxtel discovered chemists Mark Lonergan and Jim Hutchison of the University of Oregon's Materials Science Institute (MSI).